Saturday, November 8, 2008


Well, we've had our first 40 degree high (two days after a 70 degree high) and winter appears in for the duration. The big piers are tucked away on the island, and the outdoor furniture rests in the basement. The wiley beaver has paid us his first visit, which gives testament to the quiet on the lake. Not a creature was stirring.

Here's a little known fact...ground squirrels hibernate five months or so while tree squirrels just loaf a lot. I guess I'm more like a tree squirrel then. While neighbors and family go on about the joys of ice fishing, snow mobiling, skating and sledding, nothing suits me more in the winter than curling up by the fire to read a good book or watch a movie. Unfortunately, that makes for lousy pictures and worse blogs, so I'll say so long for the season. Looking forward to chatting next spring!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Steve Kruger--The Man Who Can

We are pretty self sufficient on our little island--including the work pier, which can be easily put in and out by my wife and I without even getting our feet wet. However, there are two times each year when I feel as helpless as a babe in arms. When the time comes to install and to store the massive guest piers and swim deck. No getting around it--it takes a good crew to get the job done. These days, we rely on Steve Kruger, who has a pier, boat storage, and lift service on the lake. You can count on him to get everything handled with a minimum of fuss.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Autumn is Everywhere Now

The fall foliage is more widespread now. Almost no green leaves are left, and we are getting many a "leaf shower" in the puffs of wind.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nature's Climate Control

As you can see. The trees arch over the house. In their leafy majesty in summer, their generous shade and cooling evaporation takes the load off the air conditioning. Now they are shedding their leaves, to let the warming sun in during the winter. The bills for this all electric home are quite tolerable.