Saturday, January 29, 2011


We are mercifully out of the Great Lakes lake effect snow belt--so we never get a humongous amount at one time. However, as the termperature seldom strays above freezing in the winter, we do find quite a bit on the ground about this time. Here are some pictures. The point in winter--for those of you who have enjoyed it--is a bit less hospitable this time of year, but it is every bit as pretty.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Coyote on Country Club

I would include a picture--but it would just be a black dot on the snow field that is the lake. The furry fellow was moving from the Elks toward Rain Creek--about even with Doc Fritz' place. If I had a little dog on Country Club--I'd keep him on a leash! He seemed confused as viewed in the binoculars, lots of looks over the shoulder and hesitation. We saw some tracks around the island a few days ago that we thought belonged to a dog--perhaps not. The snow creates a good record of visitors--but I'm not the best at deciphering whose feet belong to whom.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Ice Puzzle

More like a jigsaw puzzle. The recent run from way above freezing back to freezing has left the lake in distress. The surface is carved into triangles--many not much bigger than a coffee table. The question: Do these fractured seams have the same strength as the surrounding ice once they re-freeze--or will they break again at the first opportunity? It is a bit unnerving to walk across the surface with so many cracks and with such a clear view of the lake bottom! It looks very cold down there. So far so good.