Friday, May 18, 2012

Show Time

Well, the rental season is upon us.  Time to spruce the island up for summer.  The point deck was restored to its former glory over the winter.  The kitchen deck just took a new coat of stain after the power washing.  Alice's deck is coming up.  The chairs on the Alice deck are being painted in primary colors this year--who says we're set in our ways!  The fence separating the domestic north of the island from the wild south has been painted a sparkling white.  The main pier has been re-decked and carpeted. The crew is coming in this morning to roll the pier in the lake. Nothing like a carpeted pier for bare feet.  Aluminum decking is pretty--but it's hot.  The hot tub is all plumbed--just needs cleaned and filled.  Cookie is busy with the planting.  Lots of flowers of course.  Busy times around here.  We like our visitors to enjoy the surround as much as we do.