Monday, March 9, 2009

The Big Blow of '09

I imagine that's what they'll call it some day. Sustained winds of 70 mph for a couple of hours two days ago. When these things occur, I always stand in awe of this little cottage--built nearly a hundred years ago--and still standing up to mother nature with nary a creaking board or groan. Of course, now that I've bragged on her, I need to knock on some serious wood.

When it blows that hard, you walk around here with a wary eye on the trees. They've been here longer than the house, but I still make sure I'm a greater distance down wind than the trees are tall!

The lake put on quite a show. I've seen the lake with white caps plenty of times--that usually means 25 mph or so. I've seen some pretty big waves generated by the north wind--coming over the sea wall when at 35mph or so.

But the day of the blow I saw the lake in full dance mode. Not many waves from my vantage point as the wind was from the SW and the island is in the shore lee. However, off to the north, patches of water--say 10 feet by 10 feet--would rise vertically into the air to explode in a white cloud in a hundred different directions. This happened maybe five or six times while I was out there--and then I decided the basement might make a good place to visit.

Above is a picture of the sky during the big wind. Imagine watching the clouds moving left to right in a flurry of motion.