Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Back to Basics

We love our place. In the summer it is grand, with its huge piers and motorized boats. However, my favorite time is the "off" season. I've never had the mechanical ability to repair boat motors, and it takes an accomplished crew to bring the big piers in and out. It is good to have a time of year when you aren't dependent on others.

Now, it's just me, my wife, and a little row boat. Nice and simple. In a little while the row boat will give way to the winter kayaks for moving across the fresh ice (propelled by Phillips screwdrivers in lieu of paddles). When the ice is thick enough--foot power will be the means of coming and going.

That is the wonder of living on an island. It will not allow you to become a couch potato. Every day you are compelled (if you want to get your mail) to get out of your cozy home and go forth into the wonder of winter. Every day there are new patterns in the ice and different birds coming and going. There is the brisk chill of a fresh winter day and the incredible brightness of the ice field that is the lake.

Here's to a good winter!