Sunday, April 22, 2012

Edie's Back!

We have the first baby goslings of the season--a week earlier than last year.  I'm not sure Bert is even aware of the hatch. As I write this, he is just paddling around the corner.  So far we have five very active babies, and at least one egg to go.  I don't like to get too close.  I'm afraid Edie might jump to her feet and squish someone.  Edie is looking much more alert now.  A trance seems to come over her when she is nesting.  Bert and Edie have a challenge ahead, as it is supposed to get to freezing tonight. 

The goslings like to poke their heads out into the sun, and then run back under momma's wing like it was a big revolving door.  They're very adept at using their heads to lever their way into the warmth. 

I've included a picture with a huge amount of enlargement.  Hope the pixels don't break up.  I'll be staying on Alice's deck for pictures until Edie trots the little ones out into the open.