Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Eddie's Back

At the Hatch
Two Weeks Later
Well, we can now officially start the summer season.  Eddie brought a new hatch into the world today.  She built her nest near the same old place, but on much higher ground.  Have to wonder if she had some premonition of the rains that were to pelt down during her long sit on the nest.

As the lake is over-populated with Canada Geese, we keep most of them moving in late winter and early spring.  We only make the exception for Eddie and Bert. 

Bert takes his place on Alice's deck--watching over Eddie on the nest.  He makes a royal mess there, but we have many conversations as the sun sets.  I sit in my chair and Bert paces.  There is nothing more beautiful than these geese up close--and no more noble animal when it comes to protecting their young.  It's a pity there are so darn many of them.