Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Treasure Island Squirrels are Famous!

Yep.  You read it here first.  Thanks to last week's guest, John Delworth, we now have our squirrels taking a bow on YouTube.  See for yourself:  Treasure Island Squirrel.

Well-deserved, as our squirrels have to perform a death-defying high wire act on the specially designed power line just to get here.  Once here they have the luxury of not looking for cats or dogs--but must be ever vigilant re. the Bald Eagle that has the island booked for a daily flyover.

Our friend has a second reason to eat rapidly--he has four buddies circling below waiting for his leavings.  The pecking order is pretty rigid, but the number one squirrel isn't taking any chances.
We put some sunflower seeds at the side of the home for those who are lower on the food chain.