Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pioneers Again

The big piers and boat came in today.  We're back to rowing across the lake to our cars on the shore.  Then soon we'll be sliding across the ice in kayaks--and then, with a little luck, sauntering across the ice on foot.  The great crew at the Rochester Boat Company: Steve Kruger, Jason Swick, Shawn Reffett, and Travis Woodcox, do a super job for us with all the heavy equipment on the shore and at the island.  Still, it is kind of nice to be back to basics--depending only on your own strength and wits to come and go.  We have reclaimed Lake Manitou--only sharing it with a few duck hunters at the moment.  Soon we will only be sharing it with the deer and other assorted wildlife.  A peace steals over this lake that is hard to describe, but it is definitely good for the soul.