Sunday, December 8, 2013

Of Owls and Eagles

Now that the lake is taken by bitter wind and flows of ice, we are truly back to nature.  All of God's more timid--or at least wary--creatures have come out to say hello.  This morning we had the Bald Eagle in the point deck tree for at least an hour.  This must have been very disconcerting to the little squirrel that lives in a hollow limb--needless to say we didn't see him stick his head out. 

Later today, we looked out the kitchen window to see two eagles standing on the ice off Alice's deck, pecking away at something while ignoring the very brazen gulls.  One gull approached to three feet away--I figure they must think they can outfly the eagles, as they certainly are no match on the ground.

Last night we were serenaded by an owl--the first owl visitor to the island in quite some time.  The call of owls and doves are very special.  Just the right volume and tone for me.  We tend to keep the Blue jays moving as they can jangle a nerve or two.  I have a special appreciation of the song sparrows
and cardinals, as they each have a call unique to
themselves.  We had one cardinal for many years who always ended his call with--what sounded just like-"Virgil, Virgil, Virgil."  So guess what we named him?  Then we had "Son of Virgil" who was smaller at first, and only signed off with one "Virgil."  He eventually moved on to Wolfs Point.  Guess that's it for now--stay warm!

We have illustrated this note with two pictures from Mike Kenny's Photo Album at the Rochester Sentinel.  This is one of our area's best resources for news and nature.  You can see more by checking out