Thursday, March 27, 2014

End of the Ice?


Well, the Moose Lodge has a fund raiser for Little League every year.  They place a car drained of fluids on the ice, and folks can--for a fee--try to guess the exact date and time the car breaks through.  The winner gets a nice prize and Little League comes out well too.

The car broke through a few days ago, but we are still waiting at the island.  The air temps are abnormally below freezing and that is holding the ice--even though the sun with the longer days is doing its best to speed the thaw.

Above you see the effects of the conflict.  Part of the ice pack is moving--creating the fissure in the photo--while the rest is trying to hold firm.  The great rumble and grumble emanating from the pack is something to hear.  The temps are heading toward normal--so we shouldn't have long to wait.