Wednesday, April 16, 2014

So...You Think YOU are Having a Bad Day....

Here is Daisy on her nest--dealing with the last snow squall of the year.  She is new to the mothering business.  Her first two eggs were largely ignored while she wandered around the yard--this in sub freezing weather.  She seems to be catching on a bit--as the last few eggs are gaining more attention.  We'll still be very interested to see if any hatch.

We have lost Bert and Edie this season.  They traditionally nested off Alice's Deck.  This could be a sad thing--as they could be toes up somewhere.  Perhaps they just said to heck with parenthood and are off in Florida enjoying the sun.

Duke and Daisy found themselves a spot under my study window.  She views me every night warm and cozy in front of the computer--almost feel a bit guilty about it.  I feel I should at least go out there and throw a blanket over her or something.  Still--can't stay cold forever--Spring is here.