Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Before and After and After


Don't you just hate summer reruns!  This was just like July of 2012 when another storm hit.  Both times it was straight line winds--possibly a microburst from a nearby thunderstorm.  The roar was amazing and ever growing.  It took us from sound asleep at 2am to a flight to the basement in less time than it took to type this.  The crackling of the lightning was so persistent that we didn't even hear the tree as it flew apart above us.  Happily, the same loyal crew was here as last time.  Randy at Pro Tree secured the tree as the majority of it still floated above the roof, suspended by other limbs.  The tree was removed the next morning, quickly followed by Shad at Shadow Ridge Roofing.  Happy to say, Safeco Insurance was just as prompt and all the work is now complete and paid for.  From devastation back to normal in seven days--not bad at all.