Saturday, August 16, 2008

Favorite Spots

As you live here, you will develop a routine of favorite things--and favorite spots. For me, it's a cold drink on the point at 4pm, relaxing in the shade and light breeze, taking in all the craziness that is the lake in late afternoon. Knee boarders, wake boarders, skiers, fishermen, tubers, in pontoons, deck boats, ski boats, bass boats--you name it. Since we are on the deepest part of the lake, the action is off our door step.

Next stop for me is Alice's deck at sunset. Relaxed in an Adirondack chair listening to the birds settle in to the wild half of the island at night. On this deck, nothing intrudes and nature rules.

For my bride--whose clock is a bit more tuned to the early morning--her favorite perch is the bench on the kitchen deck, wrapped in a blanket at early light, with her ever ready cup of coffee and the squirrels dancing around her.

Next best for C is the seawall itself. Armed with her trusty fishing pole at sunset--knowing that this is the day she'll get the biggest yet.

As the sun moves through the day, there is a spot for everyone. On a rainy day the pontoon in its lift serves as a front deck--the vinyl seats being the first to dry. Each spot catches the breeze or the sun and shade differently, each spot offers different treats to the eye.