Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Wedding -- Magic in the Night

The old, old timers speak in hushed tones of the night that both Dorsey big bands played on the same night on Lake Manitou. Back in the days of the lake as a resort destination for Chicago--back before Florida took over. The old hotels are gone, first replaced by fishing shacks and now evolving into grand homes.

Last night, one of those grand homes had a wedding that will be remembered for a very long time--perhaps to be spoken of by old timers in hushed tones.

I remember the bride (don't know her name) as a girl water skiing on the lake with her brothers. Now she's grown, in what seems to be the flash of an eye she is this day a married woman.

I saw the tent going up a few days ago. Seven poles of white fabric in a size that would accommodate a circus show. They are a nice family, and we were all rooting for good weather--an outdoor wedding in Indiana is always iffy. The wedding was scheduled for evening, and I watched the gathering storm. Great dark clouds laced by lightning and gusts of wind. As our bride made her march--the storm brought darkness and a torrent of rain ensued. It was not a bad thing--but just added drama to a memorable occasion. As the ceremony closed the storm went on its way, and the tent did its job to keep all gathered cozy.

I was pleased to see no harm come to this couple on their special day. Then I watched a great fleet of boats approaching the island--to move to the South near the grand home. It turns out that word had spread that there would be fire works. People who like lakes love two things above all else in the evening--bands and fireworks! Here we had both!

Sure enough--a display of rockets and mortars ensued that has never been seen before near this lake, and will never be seen again. The sky filled with barrage's of stars, white bursts that looked like horizon to horizon dandelions in the night, reds, and blues, and booms that reverberated to echo endlessly. Great showers of golden sparks and this incredible moment when up in the sky went a number of red hearts--how did they do that! Great cheers came from the multitudes. I wish I could show you pictures, but I was transfixed.

I will forever remember this night--with a 3/4 moon on the right, and on the left the receding clouds from the storm aglow with distant lightning, and that magnificent display.