Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Old Ways Continue

Well, I can remember back to when produce was sold from horse drawn carts. My wife does me one better—as she’s from a small town and thus can remember the ice man coming by with the big block across his shoulder and chips for the kids. I also remember the excitement of having the television brought into the front of the yard by truck while they tested the reception for this new device—to see if it worked in our neighborhood.

You can start to add the telephone repairman with his climbing irons to the list. We had two intrepid fellows here this morning. Fred McGlothin Jr. and Dustin Stinson, on loan from REMC, helping Rochester Telephone string a new wire to Treasure Island.

In a world of bucket trucks, having guys qualified to climb poles is a rare thing indeed, and they certainly saved the day for me—as my Internet was dead in the water—a victim of metal fatigue from the big line across the channel. Until bucket trucks can float, the old ways are the only way.

Here are some pictures of the guys at work. Thanks fellas!

PS This took some real scrambling on the part of Rochester Telephone Company as they had to locate heavy duty wire for the span as well as people who can climb. The time elapsed from pinpointing the problem to the repair was—one day. Thanks to Tim of the Internet Department, Matt and Chris and Scott on the repair end for making this happen so quickly.

The Bottom Picture is of Fred McGlothin Jr. and Dustin Stinson, on loan from REMC. To the right is Chris Bickle of Rochester Telephone.