Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We have the following from the powers that be (Max Borden of the Lake Association):

"Doug Keller, Indiana DNR writes:

Aquatic plant survey was performed last week and no hydrilla plants were found. The DNR ramp will re-open on July 1 but all other ramps will remain closed. A news release has been prepared and will be sent out either today or tomorrow to announce the public availability of Manitou once again. We'll have to wait on the results of hydrilla tuber surveys early this fall to determine whether a brief closure will take place again next spring. I'll e-mail Jack Brown to see if he might be able to take the cable down late in the evening on June 30 so the ramp is available should some early morning anglers want to use the lake on the 1st

Reminder: Sunday June 28 Lake Manitou Association Annual Meeting, Wynnfield Crossing 2 pm (annual election of board members)
Wednesday July 1 Lake reopens, DNR ramp only
Friday July 3 Brent Evans' "Music on Manitou" 7 pm (donations welcome, Brent Evans 4th Street Studio)
Saturday July 4 Fireworks "

I greet the above with mixed emotions. It's good to get rid of the hydrilla--but it was fun to have my own private lake for a time. I think the wildlife appreciated the break as well.