Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Arrivals

It's that time of year. We've had our longest day, and here are the new ducklings--hatched on that day. Momma duck was busy feeding herself at the mulberry tree. The pictures of nests are normally done balanced on one leg with the arm out-stretched. Not exactly conducive to a quality shot--but you get the picture (bad play on words here).
PS: Two hours later: We find Mrs. Duck walking her brood out on the sea wall. I was surprised she didn't take the little ones down the boat ramp. Instead, she jumped the considerable distance off the sea wall to the water--and the little ones followed without hesitation. They didn't form a line--but formed a crescent off of momma's tail feathers. She moved at a furious pace and the little ones kept up--I'm sure they appeared as one large creature to anything lurking below or above. We'll cross our fingers.