Monday, March 8, 2010

The End of the Ice

Today is the day. The Moose lodge places a car on the ice every year (a very old tradition) drained of fluids and cabled for quick removal. Everyone draws a date when the car will break through. Right now the front end is through the ice. My bride did as well, breaking through to her shoulders today. We also lost an ice fisherman to the waters of Manitou toward the head of the lake. We're happy to report that six others and lots of rope got him home safely. My bride had a good hand on land, so she was safe, but wet, as well. We always cross with kayaks in tow when the ice is unstable. Still, thirty-two degree water is no fun. Spring ice is a stealthy thing. You have no warning. The snow runoff eats from under the ice pack while a slush from the warm sun forms on top. When there is no longer enough ice to sustain you--you plunge through very quickly, and with no fanfare. In the fall, after the first hard freeze, the ice--like a rattle snake--will warn you with a loud crack before you go. In the Spring, it is a soft "whoosh" and you are gone . We have lots of provisions. To our friends on land--we hope to see you soon.