Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sandhill Cranes

The sandhill cranes have been more present than ever this season on Manitou. They sound so much like baby racoons, that it takes some detective work. In both instances, the sound seems to come at you from all sides at once. Some times the best thing you can do is look straight up--and very high up at that. You might be graced with the sight of a flock all at once.

Just a few days ago we had our first experience with cranes at low altitude. Two pairs came swooping low over our roof, flying from the north, toward the marsh past the Anderson place on the south shore. It is so hard to believe that something that breathtakingly big can fly at all! They made no sound, but what a sight! I have included one of Mike Kennys great Rochester Sentinel photographs. The big guys are too quick for me--I don't know how Mike does it.