Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Arrivals

The nesting geese had taken their station beneath our satellite dish a few weeks ago, as they did last year. This morning we had a dusting of frost on the ground and, on her morning rounds, my wife saw a most unusual sight. Both geese were on the nest! We mulled this development over coffee and wondered if it was a two goose morning, in terms of keeping the eggs warm--though we'd never heard of such a thing--we were always told females did all the sitting. When we went back to check, we found we were only part right. The eggs had hatched, and both geese were now quite busy herding little fuzz balls about. Earlier the goslings must have been under both sets of wings. So now we have four goslings and one forlorn unhatched egg with a hole in it. We'll try to get some pictures when they are less skittish.