Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Eagle Strikes

Lots of action for what started as a clear sunrise to a peaceful winter's day. It was the great clamor that alerted my wife to this morning's events. She looked toward the Elks from the island to see--and hear--a great cloud of crows hovering over a black area of ice. As she pulled her binoculars for a closer look--up from the multitude rose a Bald Eagle with the remains of a crow--feathers still flying from the carcass. The crows followed for a ways--but kept a respectful distance. The eagle took his position in his favorite tree on the point near White Creek, complete with the remains of the crow, and the other crows retreated to our point deck tree to continue their noisy confab.
Then, after a short time, they all flew to the feathered pile on the ice where the deed was done. Here they formed a circle around the feathers--not picking at them--but as if in solemn observance they formed groups of four to six and began a long period of clucking. After a time, they all dispersed, and we have reclaimed our quiet winter's morning.