Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Ice is Here

Swans on the way to Big Island.

On the way back to Rain Creek.

Have you ever left your home for a long trip, or closed it for the Winter? If you do like I do, the last thing before you leave you'll take a last tour of all the rooms.

Sometimes I think the swans are the same. They almost never venture from the South Shore and Rain Creek--save for just before the lake ices over. At that time they take a tour of the "rooms" at Big Island and return. The last two winters they made their tour precisely one day before the lake froze solid. This time around they made the trip a couple of days early. Today, I held a 1/4 inch chunk of the lake's surface in my hand. However, I think we will be back to open water by day's end. I wonder if they'll be back?

The Coots are also confused by the sudden freeze. They have congregated on our shore side lot. I almost never see them out of the water--but the sudden icing left them with no other option.

If you look closely around here in winter--you will never find a dull moment.