Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Catbird Mystery

Quite a dust up this morning with the catbirds. We have a nice turnout this year in the bird population—and they have been living in harmony with the squirrels—as such things go.

Today, however, found the catbirds in a terrible state. They were very agitated, and when the squirrel came calling to the back deck they set off a row which brought in even more birds. The squirrel found himself under serious attack from not only the catbirds, but from our nesting pair of cardinals, and even the little hummingbird joined in!

As I write this, the squirrel is nowhere to be found and the sunflower seeds on the deck railing remain untouched.

Perhaps the squirrels got into the cat bird nest, or perhaps the big wind last night tossed the fledglings out—some things we’ll never know.