Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Catbirds Were Right

After the mystery of the catbirds attacking the squirrels, more evidence has come to light. No eggs in the Cardinal's nest (we never could find the catbird nest). So, C put her trapper hat back on and we are now an island less two squirrels. That leaves two--but one may have taken a powder on his own. The female is still here, but she has become a pet.

It is amazing that a squirrel--who has seen his buddy in a trap just the day before, can walk into the same trap and get caught (these are live traps, remember). They just can't control their impulses--a lesson to us all!

We are now an island with two squirrels instead of four. This seems to be the magic number for our little ecosystem--which allows a rough harmony between squirrels and birds.