Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Dread Hydrilla?

I'm always happy to see a potential danger to local lakes eradicated--but I have to confess that it has been fun having a "private lake" for a time (while locals had free run on the lake--no outsiders were allowed in or out).

My theory is that someone introduced this potentially dangerous weed to the lake while freeing a pet goldfish some years ago. Once discovered, the state of Indiana mobilized its considerable resources toward complete eradication. In the process, happily, they wiped out nearly every weed in the lake! The chemicals used were never a threat to wildlife or people (they say you can drink it straight), but they made the lake the most weed free lake in America!

Back to the real world with the following announcement from the Lake Association President:

To: bob@bobdimond.comSubject: Hydrilla

Dear LMA Members,

I have been informed by the DNR that today, Wednesday June 25, they will be issuing a press release announcing the re-opening of Manitou.

A DNR contractor conducted an extensive plant survey last week and found no evidence of hydrilla. After considering the facts of the survey, Manitou will be reopened at the DNR launch site only. The DNR wants to restrict access to one ramp so that they can periodically monitor boats for weeds or hydrilla tubers.

Beginning this Saturday, June 28, boaters will be able to launch and remove boats at your convenience. Plans are to keep the lake open until Sonar treatment time next spring (early to mid May) then close the lake again for 6-8 weeks and conduct a similar survey. The LMA will likely need to man the ramp for the closed portion of next May. We will not be manning the ramp this fall.

Also this week, the DNR established another temporary rule to protect the ecozone known to us as "The Prairie". Beginning July 1, we can place the buoys and restrict boat traffic again. The LMA has been frustrated that this bureaucratic snafu has kept the prairie unmarked for the beginning of this summer.