Saturday, October 4, 2008

Stormy Weather

There is no place I'd rather be than on Treasure Island in the spring, summer, or fall. However, I have to admit to harboring the occasional mutinous thought when skittering across the lake as rain falls--the speed of the boat creating the sensation of being pickled by frozen bird shot as the rain comes down. Yes, I have the occasional desire at these times for a nice cozy place on the shore with (drum roll please) an attached garage! This mood passes as quickly as most Indiana storms do--and I then go back to the normal mode--where I'm so pleased to live at a place that requires me to be on the water every day (the shore side mail demands it). Land lubbers miss so much when they stay in their easy chairs to watch the next soap opera--foregoing all that is going on in the grand outdoors of Lake Manitou.

I'd be considerably better off during those wet moments if I'd relent and bring along my foul weather sailing gear from California. I've been on boats with waves breaking along their length--more submarine than sailboat--and been snug as a bug. There is a bit of pride here, I think. To pack rain gear is to admit that we sometimes need it in Indiana--and I'm just not prepared to do that as yet.

Some advice to anyone who'd like to own this or another island. When you make a social engagement--the best wording is "see you tomorrow." If you are overcome by the urge to meet--you might even say "see you tomorrow afternoon." Anything more precise is an invitation to be drenched. For instance "see you tomorrow at 3 pm.," will guarantee a thunder bumper passing through at 2:45--and you are now committed to take on bad weather.

Most of my near death experiences on the open ocean all point to time commitments--usually the need to get a crewman to some port as dictated by his plane ticket--a big temptation to push the margin of safety. It is a wise sailor on lake or on the ocean, who keeps his commitments as vague as possible!