Saturday, October 11, 2008

What's Happening!

If you are looking for a part of America where the quality of life is rich and improving--look to small town America. Here, people have always been hard-working and fun-loving--but there have been additions in the last few decades that allow for a much wider range of entertainment than ever before. Perhaps it is the aging of the baby boom--or the greater mix of industry--but you can always find something going on close to home.

Last night C and I joined her sister and husband for a quick hop to Wabash, Indiana and the Honeywell Center, where a touring troop of "Chicago" gave a performance that was superior to the one I caught in San Francisco many years before. Of course in San Francisco I had to deal with heavy traffic, high parking fees, and ticket prices five times as high. On top of that, the center puts out a buffet prior to the performance that is top quality.

Today, it was a hop downtown to the 17th running of the Rochester Chili Cook off and Car Show. Earlier in the month it was a production of "Fiddler on the Roof" by the Maxinkuckee Players--an amateur group that is fun to watch.

Small town America, where the people are friendly, the pace is relaxed, and there is always something to do to bring a smile to your lips.